Beautiful Adobe Vacation Home for Rent in Taos, New Mexico


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This adobe home combines the architectural interest of a very old adobe, with the modern amenities of several additions, including a kitchen that makes cooking a delight. Our latest change was the addition of a large area in the front of the house, providing a dining area and sitting area. We chose to build with adobe, to preserve the feel of the old adobe, which also offers coolness in summer and warmth in winter.

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Our floor plan offers spaces for groups to be together and lots of space for privacy, as the bedrooms are widely separated. The master bedroom opens out to a deck and a small enclosed backyard.

We have a piano, games, tv, Netflix etc., internet access and many books. The house is about a ten minute walk from the plaza in the center of Taos, and a ten minute walk from Kit Carson Park.

Las Cruces is a coveted street in Taos, both because of the history of the buildings on the street and because the street dead ends up above our house, at a historic cemetery and the boundary of the pueblo. This means we have only local traffic and makes for a very quiet environment. In back of our house is another boundary, to the El Monte Sagrudo Spa. The spa includes a large park with mature trees, which backs our property, giving us quiet and privacy at both ends.

Whether you prefer a high activity vacation or a cosy, relaxing one,
you will find Bear House suited to you.

Contact Linda Keller:  
Phone: (510) 504-8465

Beautiful Adobe Vacation Home for Rent in Taos, New Mexico

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